About Us - Board of Directors

A Board of Directors/Officers oversees and plays an active role in the work of the Charles H. Dater Foundation. The Foundation has no full-time staff members. Board of Directors/Officers perform the work of staff, including reviewing grant requests, making site visits, monitoring grant awards, and exercising fiduciary responsibility. Board Members/Officers have a wide range of business, financial and community involvement experience.

Officers and Directors:

Bruce A. Krone, President, Secretary and Director

Amanda Prebble Lenhart, Vice President and Director

Roger L. Ruhl, Vice President and Director

Stanley J. (Jack) Frank, Jr., Treasurer and Director

Former Directors:

Paul W. Krone, 1925-1995, Director and President, 1985-1995

David L. Olberding, 1936-2005, Director 1985-2005; President 1995-2005

John D. Silvati, 1937-2014, Vice President and Director, 1985-2014

Dorothy G. Krone, 1925-2015, Director 1995-2004; Director Emeritus 2005-2015


Grants Coordinator:
Beth Broomall - bb@DaterFoundation.org

Public Relations:
Roger Ruhl - RogerLRuhl@aol.com

Privacy Statement

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