Update - Dater Foundation Supports StEP and its Sustainability

Published Date: October 1, 2007

The Charles H. Dater Foundaton is supporting the Student Enterprise Program (StEP) of the Economics Center fdor Education and Research at the University of Cincinnati through a grant that will help implement the program at Dater Montessori School in Price Hill. 

Fourth grade students at Dater Montessori School will learn basic economics knowledge and personal finance skills.  The grant will be used for training school administrators and teachers on fundraising, as well as how to engage community resources for the support of the school -- thus working to make the program sustainable after the initial implementation.  Maintaining the success of the program will then rest with the major stakeholders and the school leaders.

Through this grant the Dater Foundation continues to show its commitment to the children of Greater Cincinnati.  The Foundation's support of the Student Enterprise Program is unique -- the goal is to show that StEP can become an integral part of schools' culture and be sustainable by drawing on existing community resources.

Update is a publication of the Economics Center for Education and Research at the University of Cincinnati

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