Cincinnati Enquirer -- Dater Senior High gets $150,000 grant

Published Date: March 16, 2001

Gilbert A. Dater High School received a $150,000 grant Thursday from the Charles H. Dater Foundation.

The funds will be used to refurbishan outdoor commons area at the school's new building on the Western Hills High campus on Ferguson Road.

An official dedication of the new school and announcement of the grant took place at a ceremony Thursday night at the school.

The foundation was created in the 1960s (sic) with $100,000 from the Dater family. Charles Dater also donated land to the district to build the original Dater Junior High, which was located on Boudinot Avenue.

Teachers, parents, students, district officials, coundation menber and Robert Siekmann, Dater's first principal from 1967 to 1977, were on hand for the event.

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