Josh Cares Commits $1 Million to CCHMC

Published Date: November 21, 2013

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Josh Cares Commits $1 million to CCHMC

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center hosted a special event Nov. 6 to honor and thank Josh Cares and its supporters for having given $1 million in support of the Josh Cares Child Life Program since its inception nine years ago. During the event, Josh Cares Board President Jim Barney announced the organization’s continued commitment to funding the program with the intent to contribute an additional $1million within the next four years.

CCHMC Chairman of the Board Tom Cody reflected, "At our core, both Cincinnati Children's and Josh Cares are driven to improve the lives of children and families. And we recognize that partnership is integral to that work. By working together, we were able to identify an unmet need and improve the patient and family experience -- which is vital for positive outcomes."

Josh Cares is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that no critically or chronically ill children go through a hospitalization alone, without the support of a parent by their sides when they need it the most. At any given time, an average of 25+ critically ill children at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center are "alone." Josh Cares funds professionally trained Child Life Specialists who serve as surrogates for, and links to, the families who would be by their sides if they could.

The Dater Foundation has made seven grants totaling $230,000 since 2006.


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