Downtowner -- CAB Receives $35,000 from Dater Foundation

Published Date: June 10, 2003

The Cincinnati Association for the Blind (CAB) recently received a grant in the amount of $35,000 from the Charles H. Dater Foundation.

The grant is designated to support the services of CAB's Early Childhood and Youth Services (ECYS)projects. ECYS programs at CAB help parents of young children become knowledgeable regarding their child's vision to help their child function in an environment that will stimulateappropriate development. ECYS staff provide music therapy and instruction, community and school-based orientation and mobility instruction, and sonsultation and collaboration with teachers and other service providers.

The projects funded through the 2003 Charles H. Dater Foundation grant include:

the ECYS/Low Vision Services PALS (Providing Accessible Low vision services for Students, which provides students with low vision evaluations and low vision aids to help them use their remaining vision more effectively; (p>a Teen Persxonal Safety Program that provides teens who are blind or visually impairedwith adaptive strategiesto increase personal awarenessand safety both at home and in the community;

the Computer Access Service's CAPS (Computer Access for Parents and Students)program provides trainingfor students and their parentson access technology, including technology using large print, synthetic speech or Braille access devices, the ECYS Music Program provides individualized instruction by a qualified music therapist/vision specialist;

and consultation and training for ECYS staff and community care providers in the areas of vision issues and early intervention.

The Dater Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of childrenby making grants to non-profit organizations in Greater Cincinnati to carry out youth-oritented programs and projects.

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