Starfire Council Honors the Late David Olberding

Published Date: April 13, 2006

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News Release from … Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH – April 13, 2006 – Starfire, the only local organization that focuses on empowering teens and adults with disabilities through service and social opportunities, is honoring the late David Olberding of the Charles H. Dater Foundation by dedicating community service activities throughout the month of April to his memory.

Service activities include preparing lunches for the Feed the Hungry program, entertaining nursing home residents and coordinating hygiene kits for hurricane victims among other activities. In 2005, Starfire members provided 7,000 hours of service to approximately 45 local organizations.

The Dater Foundation has been a long time supporter of Starfire’s service programs, hosting volunteer opportunities for young people with disabilities. Olberding, who passed away suddenly last summer, was a founding director and officer of the Dater Foundation and he served as president from 1995 until his death. Since 1988, the foundation has awarded Starfire 22 grants totaling $496,500.

“David was dedicated to our organization, not only as the President of the foundation, but personally as well. His life is deserving of the recognition,” explained Lynn Thesing, Executive Director of Starfire.

Capital Campaign Underscores Need For Continued Community Support.

In the Fall of 2005, Starfire kicked-off “Building Lives” – the $3 million fundraising campaign to provide an expanded facility in Madisonville and a first-time endowment for Starfire. To date, Starfire has raised over $2.9 million towards the goal.

About Starfire

Starfire Council of Greater Cincinnati strives to eliminate the many barriers that prevent teens and adults with disabilities from participating within the community, focusing on building self-esteem by showcasing the abilities of Starfire members, instead of focusing on their disabilities. Starfire provides nearly 1,500 annual activities for more than 460 individuals with disabilities, with the help of over 110 community volunteers, providing valuable inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Starfire activities not only offer occasions for social interaction, but also provide the opportunity to gain skills needed to eliminate social isolation. To learn more about Starfire’s services, go to

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