UC Findings - Med Mentor Program Earns Support

Published Date: January 10, 2008

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By Dama Kimmon

Published January 2008

UC Med Mentors, a College of Medicine mentoring organization pairing medical students with children from Cincinnati Public Schools, has received a three-year, $30,000 grant from the Charles H. Dater Foundation.

The funding supports much of the programming offered to school children throughout the year, including trips to the theater, movies, Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium and other area attractions.

The Dater Foundation has been the primary funder of Med Mentors since 2003. But, says Med Mentors director Wan Lim, PhD, a three-year commitment rather than the normal one-year cycle will allow the student group to move forward with programming without worrying about whether their resources will be renewed.

Lim, adjunct associate professor of cell and cancer biology, says nearly 25 percent of the College of Medicine student population is involved in Med Mentors.

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