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Youth Education Program

CGC continued to provide its traditional hands on learning through seasonal garden lessons, classroom instruction aligned with Ohio Revised Science Standards, a variety of environmental education field trips, and seeds and other garden supplies. Its 8-week Summer Sprouts program serves children ages 6 to 12 and focuses on the plant cycle and where our food comes from. Due to restrictions on time, resources, training, and compensation, teachers lack the knowledge, support, and motivation to take their lessons into the outdoors, a proven “classroom” for successful learning. Instead, those who have access to resources rely on field trips or educator visits from nature based organizations, often the most memorable learning experiences in a school year. Teachers need support. The CGC, in collaboration with the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council, will develop and provide virtual and hands-on, experiential teacher education to engage, inspire, and empower educators and build fluency in outdoor, garden-based education.

Amount: $50,000
Date: August 2021

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