Childhood Food Solutions

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Cincinnati, OH 45225

Provide Home Delivery of Food to Children in a Cincinnati Neighborhood and Survey the Families.

This project responds to the persistent need to overcome hunger in Cincinnati. A statistician from the Kroger subsidiary, 84.51, has estimated Cincinnati’s child food gap at almost 700,000 meals per month (the equivalent to 7,600 children not having anything to eat). This fits with national U.S. Census “Pulse” surveys, which CFS has monitored since April 2020, and have reported families lacking food. In the most recent (July 5) survey, 13.7% of households with children reported “not enough to eat.” Government food-support program improvements and nonprofit/volunteer efforts have not solved this problem.

Based on its experience since 2019, Childhood Food Solutions (CFS) believes that home delivery of boxes of groceries has the potential to become a solution for child hunger in Cincinnati and beyond.  CFS will measure the effectiveness of this project by including survey feedback from recipients, and will provide additional boxes of food if requested by recipients.

Amount: $35,000
Date: August 2021

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