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Hear Our Voices 2022: Creative Writing, Poetry and Theater as Social Action

Post-pandemic programming will feature the evolution of teen programs in creative writing, spoken word and playwriting/theater, and the launch of WordPlay as the regional home of the National Youth Poet Laureate program. Returning to in-person programming means it is critical to invest energy in rebuilding the organization's community of teen writers -- former students, students engaged for the first time in virtual classrooms during the pandemic, and future students. This means meeting youth where they are to grow awareness of and trust in our programs, along with deepening partnerships with area schools, teachers and community partners, and when necessary, integrating the successful elements of remote participation when being physically present is not feasible. A part-time Program Coordinator will lead this initiative.


Website: http://www.wordplaycincy.org
Amount: $20,000
Date: July 2021

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