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Kids on the Block

The Kids on the Block program offers a comprehensive approach to educate children and adults on issues of child abuse. It is designed to increase public awareness about the problem of child abuse and equip children with the skills to recognize and report child abuse. Kids on the Block is seen by more than 15,000 children, parents and educators annually. The School Age Program includes skits using life-size Kids on the Block puppets. The puppets discuss general abuse information by telling what happened to them and what followed the disclosure. Puppeteers address disclosures of child abuse.  In response to the high demand for anti-bullying educational programs, the Center expanded its programming to include a Bullies and School Safety Program which provides effective, entertaining and relevant information to children in grades K - 5. This dynamic interactive program features education and scenarios that involve emotional and physical bullying, as well as cyber-bullying via social media and texting.

Amount: $25,000
Date: July 2021

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