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Prevent & Empower Learning Management System Platform Gender-based violence is a complex and deeply ingrained public health issue; however, it is preventable. Early, effective education can change how young people understand violence and can empower them to intervene and prevent violence in the future. Women Helping Women’s Prevent & Empower program is a 5-day curriculum that explores signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual assault and sexual harassment (including use of social media and technology), consent, bystander intervention, resources to help a friend or loved one and communication skills for middle and high school age youth. To meet the demand of school partners, WHW will create an engaging, technology-based solution (i.e. Learning Management System), which will increase the number of youth served from 3,500 to 5,000 or more per year. 

Website: http://ww.womenhelpingwomen.org
Amount: $25,000
Date: June 2021

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