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Easterseals Youth Construction Pathway

Easterseals’ Youth Construction Pathway (YCP) empowers at-risk youth of color who lack a high school diploma, job experience, or career prospects to escape a lifetime of poverty and unemployment. The program’s game-changing approach provides at-risk youth with the education, experience and qualifications necessary to attain their GED and a well-paid job in the construction industry – one of the most in-demand yet under-represented industries for people of color. Through YCP, students are empowered to succeed academically at their own pace while learning the value of dedication, accountability and hard work.  This year through YCP, 220 youth will attain their GED, engage in education and career exploration, and gain paid, practical hands-on training, experience and credentials in the construction industry. The program rehabs and builds affordable housing for low-income families in the neighborhood and uses revenues generated from the sale of the property to ensure the long-term sustainability of the program.

Website: http://www.easterseals.com/gc
Amount: $30,000
Date: June 2021

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