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Democracy and Me

WVXU’s Democracy & Me empowers students, supports teachers, and helps build citizens. The educational outreach program for young adults began in 2015 to help students understand their role as citizens – and the role journalism plays in our democracy.  WVXU’s educational outreach program began in 2015 as a way to nurture civic involvement and understanding of government and the role journalism plays in our democracy. The goal is to engage with young adults, so they understand their own power as future voters – and learn to use their own experiences and voices to become better citizens.
Democracy & Me’s focus began with materials for educators, but in the past two years has pivoted to a more student-focused program. The commitment includes an active internship program, a student-led podcast, and a book club for young adults. A full-time Educational Outreach Coordinator has worked in the arts, as a reporter and with children and young adults.

Program goals for 2022:
22 interns/student advisors
70,000+ unique users at
140,000 page views at
1,600 users at
600 Democracy & Me Twitter followers (518 in FY21)
600 Democracy & Me email subscribers (529 in FY21)
200 Student Voices Applications (158 in FY21)
100 students at the Democracy & Me Symposium
40 students at the Democracy & Me Voices Camp

Amount: $75,000
Date: June 2021

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