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Learning to Live

Learning to Live (L2L) empowers students at Chatfield’s Cincinnati Over-the-Rhine (OTR) campus to overcome academic, financial and everyday barriers to college completion. 51% of these students are parents with dependent children. Many students come from under-resourced neighborhoods, and most navigate hectic work and family responsibilities, are on very tight budgets, or are without additional resources. At the OTR campus, 72% of students are African American, 79% are women, and 57% are adult learners (age 25+). The COVID-19 public health crisis intensified and added to the challenges students face, particularly for working student-parents. Chatfield is building upon the academic, financial, and everyday student support initiatives of the Learning to Live program by developing a drop-in childcare center at the OTR campus, adding mental health assistance, and creating a food pantry.

Amount: $30,000
Date: June 2021

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