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Free Mental Health Counseling for Children and Youth

CFC's Treehouse Children's Services (Treehouse) program is a one-of-a-kind community resource providing free, specialized mental health counseling and support that helps local children/youth cope with cancer (their own diagnosis, the diagnosis of family member, or the death of a loved one from the disease). Through empathetic counseling sessions, children can talk honestly and openly about their fears, worries, and social-emotional issues. Therapists guide conversations that help young clients work through and process the trauma they are experiencing, which helps them feel more in control and better able to manage and cope even during challenging, scary times. Therapists listen intently and care deeply, which instills a deep sense of trust and comfort. Treehouse serves 100+ children per year via individual counseling sessions, the majority of which take place in-person at dozens of local schools during the school year. Consistently, nearly 100% of Treehouse clients report that counseling helped them manage and cope; notably, more than 90% of parents report that Treehouse positively benefited their child.

Amount: $25,000
Date: June 2021

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