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Graduate Education Program

In the wake of COVID-19, three issues emerged as the most urgent for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati to address: the exacerbated academic slide, increased need for mental health support, and technological resources to meet the demands of in-person and virtual schooling. The majority of BGCGC youth are students of color,  80% live in poverty, 65% in single-parent homes,  and most attend schools well below state standards. These kids cannot afford one more academic setback. The Graduate program provides young people in BGCGC’s most vulnerable neighborhoods with the education and life skills to thrive. Graduate is built and responds to real-time and evidence-based disparities in educational and career attainment. Grant support enables BGCGC to actively combat the achievement and digital gaps, tend to the increased threats to students’ socio-emotional health, and prepare our community for the jobs of tomorrow.

Amount: $25,000
Date: June 2021

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