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Programming for Youth with Communications Disorders and Deafness

The Center's youth activities include delivering 63 hours of programming to 430 youth, with the reach expanded beyond the target audience of earlier years. The 2021 youth programs include youth being treated by speech and occupational therapists for communication disorders in addition to hard of hearing and deaf children.  Programming will help more children with communication disorders using the concepts that have made the Center's youth programming successful for so many years.  Unsurprisingly, youth with speech-language disorders feel more social stress than their peers with typical language abilities (Wadman, 2010). Children who attend youth programming see they are not alone, and others share their communication challenges. Some of those challenges may mirror their own, others will be very different. About 90% of children with hearing loss are born to hearing families, and hard of hearing youth attending youth programming have very different experiences from their hearing friends. Some may seldom meet anyone else with hearing loss.

Website: http://www.hearingspeechdeaf.org
Amount: $25,000
Date: May 2021

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