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Girls on the Run Scholarships, Fall and Spring GOTR offers a research-based, 10 week program for girls in grades 3-8, where running is a foundation providing life lessons that can positively shape girls throughout their lives. GOTR-trained coaches lead girls through lessons that help them understand their strengths, their value to themselves and others, and why healthy relationships are important. Training for an end-of-season 5K is woven into the lessons so girls learn healthy habits and goal setting. GOTR is answering community needs for social-emotional learning (SEL) by providing the support girls need during the pandemic, where isolation and loneliness are exacerbating challenges this age group already faces. On average, 50% of GOTR participants require financial scholarship assistance for registration fees each season, and almost 25% of sites are under-served for extracurricular activities, many needing up to 100% scholarship assistance.

Amount: $20,000
Date: April 2021

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