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Pediatric Low Vision Clinic

Studies show that 80% of everything a child learns comes in through their eyes and when that sense is interrupted, their ability to reach important milestones is significantly threatened. However, for those who receive early intervention services, the long-term outcomes are considerably impacted with higher rates of employment and greater levels of independence and self-sufficiency.

Clovernook Center’s Pediatric Low Vision Clinic provides comprehensive low vision rehabilitation services for children ages 3-21, who are living with irreversible vision loss that interferes with school performance and activities of daily living. The goal of the Pediatric Low Vision Clinic is to optimize visual function by providing: clinical low vision evaluations; prescriptions for low vision devices; recommendations for modifications and strategies in the classroom; and follow up evaluations to be carried out in the child's school/home in collaboration with the child's teacher and parents.

Amount: $25,000
Date: April 2021

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