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CET's PBS KIDS: Engaging Our Youngest Viewers On-Air, Online, and In The Classroom

Over 80% of Cincinnati children ages 2-8, and their caregivers, tune in to and trust the 70 hours of weekly children's programming on CET. Each year, new children's programming is developed for PBS stations to purchase and use to educate their youngest viewers. As with all programming, it is tested with PBS to ensure that viewers learn through embedded elements on-air and online. 

CET is excited to debut this fall ELINORA WONDERS WHY. This new series aims to encourage children to follow their curiosity, ask questions when they don’t understand and find answers using science inquire skills. 
Emmy-award broadcast programming is complemented on-air through in-person and online workshops for students and teachers. CET believes the three-prong approach is most successful to reach kids -- on-air, online, and in the classroom. As a result, kids learn reading and STEM and are encouraged to be good and caring individuals.

Website: http://www.CETconnect.org
Amount: $60,000
Date: November 2020

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