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Rescue/Transform/Share is the foundation of La Soupe's operation. This program rescues perishable food where it is transformed by staff and volunteers; distributed through a network of over 100 agencies, schools, senior centers, churches, food pantries and other nonprofits helping those in need. With 40% of the US food supply being wasted each year and 37 million people in America (11 million children) facing food insecurity, the concept of rescuing that food and transforming it into healthy meals is why La Soupe was started.  

La Soupe's chef based model utilizes a volunteer network to rescue perishables from farms, grocers and wholesalers. A highly talented transform team of chefs and volunteers transform this food into healthy soupes and meals. Soupes and meals are distributed to roughly 100 share partners that feed the food insecure and are available to purchase at our retail storefront. La Soupe has a well established program of rescuing prepared overages from restaurants and catering and deliver directly to agencies that feed the hungry.

What sets La Soupe apart? La Soupe is a Board of Health Certified kitchen and everything that is rescued is weighed and logged before it is sorted. Staff keeps track of everything that share partners receive. 

La Soupe takes the workload off the receiving agency by sorting in house. This allows for transforming the slightly imperfect produce and gives the perfectly good produce to share partners “as is" with an understanding of the cultural differences that make the city so wonderful.

Amount: $50,000
Date: October 2020

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