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Access for All: Breakthrough Cincinnati Advances Equity in Education

Inequities exist in the educational system, affecting racial/ethnic minorities and low-income children. The achievement gap they experience widens in the summer after fifth grade and continues as they progress through school. Recently, education was disrupted for an entire semester due to the pandemic. When added to the typical summer learning loss and the achievement gap, academic gains lost now place under-resourced students in a devastating position as they progress toward college.

Breakthrough Cincinnati identifies high achieving underrepresented students, places them in meaningful tuition-free mentoring relationships with motivated and skillfully trained Teaching Fellows,and employs proven instructional and interpersonal methods to create a safe haven for learning and growth. Small class sizes (8-1), quality instruction, appropriate program duration, and attendance tracking address the educational loss experienced during the summer, reduce the achievement gap, and place students from traditionally underrepresented population groups on the path to college.

Amount: $25,000
Date: October 2020

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