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Greater Cincinnati Stem Collaborative: Family STEM Kits, 3d Printers Club and STEM Bicycle Club

COVID-19 has created an urgent need for well-resourced remote-learning environments. GCSC’s educator-acclaimed STEM cards have been aligned with educational standards and pre-packaged as at-home/remote family STEM learning support in well-supplied kits, complete with lesson guides and craft materials. GCSC will be distributing an additional 4,600 Family STEM Kits this fall to support COVID-driven, at-home learning.

3d Printers Club and STEM Bicycle Club spring/summer programs expand students’ skills and interest in STEM careers. Clubs, following safety/health guidelines, meet for 10-weeks. Middle school students learn engineering and problem-solving design processes. GCSC partners most with high-need and under-resourced schools and encourages club teachers-leaders to include students underrepresented in STEM fields (low-income students, girls, and students of color – notably, African American and students of Hispanic/Latino origin) as their clubs’ participants. These three STEM learning programs, which in total will serve 8,560 students in Greater Cincinnati.

Additional web site for the STEM Collaborative -- https://cech.uc.edu/schools/education/ats.html

Website: https://foundation.uc.edu
Amount: $20,000
Date: September 2020

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