Fernside: A Center for Grieving Children

4360 Cooper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Fernside's Remote Grief Programming and Evening Program

Fernside: A Center for Grieving Children exists to serve the unique needs of grieving children and their families. Childhood bereavement is one of Greater Cincinnati’s most overlooked public health issues. In fact, Ohio has the 8th highest rate of childhood bereavement in the US, where an estimated 1 in 11 children will experience the death of an immediate family member before they reach the age of 18. In Hamilton County alone, that’s nearly 17,000 young people that will lose a mom, a dad, a sister, or brother. With the support of community partners like the Dater Foundation, since 1986 Fernside has provided free and unlimited grief support to over 40,000 children and their families. Fernside’s Evening Program and School Group Program were offered in both in-person and virtual sessions. More than 600 young people benefit annually.

Website: http://www.fernside.org
Amount: $25,000
Date: September 2020

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