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CSC Education and Outreach Program

Whether in person or online, the CSC Education Program is dedicated to improving perception, appreciation, and overall comprehension of the works of William Shakespeare. In order to address the increasing shortage of theatre classes in schools amidst the landscape of a global pandemic, CSC has redesigned its robust line-up of educational programming. Programs include interactive workshops, digital classes, summer camps, socially-distanced tours, livestreamed student matinee performances, and the groundbreaking educational initiative, PROJECT38. Through these programs, students and teachers learn the necessary skills to understand Shakespeare’s plays and even apply relevant concepts in their daily lives. Learning this way has dramatic implications for students, equipping them with essential 21st-century skills including collaborative thinking, analytical skills, and personal confidence in their own ability to learn. Outside of the classroom, students also report higher levels of tolerance, creativity, and empathy.

Amount: $25,000
Date: September 2020

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