Bi-Okoto Drum and Dance Theatre

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Virtual Continuation of E Sin Mi D'Afrika (Come Follow Me to Afrika) Residency

The residency is a cultural and educational arts residency using multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary learning experiences integrated into student's daily academic curriculum. Participating schools are required to commit to a minimum of 10 weeks, assemble an arts integration lead team (administration, arts specialist, a parent and a teacher from each participating grade level). 

The Lead team and Bi-Okoto identifies problems, creates and implements a cross-curriculum integration lesson plan with targeted goals, outcomes for achievable sustainable results. Utilizing African culture, writing, language, storytelling, music, visual art and dance to increase students' language, geography, math, and history skills according to National Standards. This includes pre/post evaluations, teacher training, a lecture demonstration, weekly classroom visits, community service learning project, and a culminating showcase for the community. These activities encourage collaboration and appreciation for different cultures that rely on the same core educational and social skills for the betterment of their lives and professions.

Amount: $20,000
Date: September 2020

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